Neat locker room cabinet with arched metallic powder coated doors

A nicely designed locker for a nicer looking millieu!

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Nicely designed thin sheet locker with powder coated curved doors in one of three metallic paints, perforated sides for good ventilation, with a frame of dark gray or white colour.

KSxxMET lockers

These lockers are built of stable sheet metal, and has been specifically designed to be something extra in terms of lockers, with doors lacquered with a nice metallic powder coating in Red (Ocra), Light Gray, or Blue. If you have time to wait the model is also available as with Gold, White, Green or Dark gray powder coating as well, if custom made after your order.
Read more about these options under the "Product facts" tab.
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Article number:KS14MET
10.100kr / pcs
11.738 kr / pcs
Stock status:Special Order Item
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