Mid-sized SSF3492 rated security cabinet with 1 shelf

Capacity: 18 binders

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Size, Up to 1 m

Practical and strong security cabinet burglary rated as a SSF3492.
This is a cabinet good burglary protection thanks to its robust build with 4 mm steel sheet all around.
The rating ensures a thoroughly tested anti-theft product that

High security burglar protection & insured storage

RSK550/500 is a smaller security cabinet rated as a SSF3492 by Swedish SP. In Sweden this means that most local insurance companies approve of insured storage of up to 40.000 SEK if anchored.
This is therefore a perfect safe for both homes, offices and stores in terms of size and anti-theft abilities.
Article number:RSK700
11.140kr / pcs
12.940 kr / pcs
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