S2 safe with key lock & 60 min fire protection

Fire and burglary rated safe at a compressed price!

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Fire protection, 60 min for paper
Burglary protection, Rated S2, EN14450
Lock system, Key lock
Bolt-down ready, Yes
Number of binders, 1-6 binders

BRF46Key,VIT is a small to medium size fire and burglary rated S2 safe. Thanks to its reasonable size and comprehensive protection it makes an excellent choice for all home owners or small to medium businesses.

Why buy a S2-safe? Extensive protection!

The S2 cabinets is a step up from your regular document safe. Its burglary protection abilities is superior to those of normal anti-theft cabinets och regular document cabinets. In fact the S2 rating is approved for insured storage in most countries around Europe (although not in Sweden, yet), our closest counterpart to S2 safes is the SSF3492 (previously SS3492) security cabinet type.
Article number:S2-FSB46K_VIT
6.740kr / pcs
8.190 kr / pcs
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