S2 safe with key lock & 30 min fire protection

H × W × D: 950 x 440 x 450 mm

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Fire protection, 30 min for paper
Burglary protection, Rated S2, EN14450
Lock system, Key lock
Bolt-down ready, Yes
Number of binders, 7-12 binders

S2-BRF95KEY,VIT is an excellent choice for all who want a total protection of their most important valuables. In other words, not only fire and basic burglar protection as in document safes, or rated burglar protection only as in security safes, but the best of two worlds.
With fire rated S2 safes you get just that, burglar and fire rated protection at a compressed price in on single safe!
S2-BRF95E,VIT is a fairly spacious double rated S2 safes, which makes it perfect for businesses or home owners who want a bit more space in their safe.
Article number:S2-BRF95K_VIT
8.640kr / pcs
10.040 kr / pcs
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