S2 safe with code lock and 30 min fire protection

H × B × D: 460 x 440 x 450 mm

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Fire protection, 30 min for paper
Burglary protection, Rated S2, EN14450
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Bolt-down ready, Yes
Number of binders, 1-6 binders

S2-BRF46E is a medium sized anti-theft cabinet for all who are looking for one single cabinet with both fire and burglary protection rating at a compressed price.
S2 cabinets with fire protection is not only super smart but also very popular with home owners who want something more extensive than e.g. the average document cabinet with good fire protection but only basic burglary protection. Thanks to its smart size and abilities the S2-BRF46 safes are just perfect for home owners!

Article number:S2-BRF46E_VIT
9.550kr / pcs
11.175 kr / pcs
Stock status:In stock
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