Priceworthy anti-theft home or hotel safe with keypad code lock

Perfect for wallets, jewellery, passports and more (H x W x D: 250 x 350 x 250 mm)

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Lock system, Electronic code lock

The best way to protect your belongings from thieves and burglars is to make it as cumbersome and time consuming as possible to steal your valuables. With our very priceworthy PXV25 home and hotel safe you are taking great steps towards doing just that, making it hard and uneasy for burglars and thieves! PXV25 is fairly small in size which makes it very easy to place in any kind of confined spaces. At the same time the size is perfectly suitable for everything from cash and jewellery to wallets and various media devices.
Article number:PXV25
1.575kr / pcs
2.331 kr / pcs
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