GPS Tracker model 2 with 240 days standby time

Suitable for lots of different purposes by helping you to track any gadgets, goods, products, or vehicles etc., via your mobile phone, the tablet or your computer.

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model2_webGPS model 2_webGPS modell 2-1_webgps-app1gps-app2gps-app3

You attach your GPS tracker model 1 or 2 with a very powerful magnet, which then let you track your targeted object in real time. The GPS tracker can also be set to set of a transmitter alarm as soon as your item starts to move so you can follow it with via an app or a computer. The GPS tracker is available in 3 different models /sizes with different battery life.
Article number:GPS-TRACKER-2
3.088kr / pcs
4.113 kr / pcs
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