Data media safe w/ fire protection 120/60 min paper/data & code lock

This is one of our largest data media cabinets, with room for up to 100 binders!

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Number of binders, more than 36 binders
Fire protection, 120 min for paper
Fire protection, 60 min for hard drives, USB, and DVDs
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Bolt-down ready, No

A cabinet built and tested to protect not only paper-based material (documents/binders/files) for 90 min in external heats of up to 1000°C (about 300-500°C warmer than average during a normal building fire), but also data media for up o 60 min under the same circumstances. Altogether making it into an excellent source of protection both in homes, and in companies.
Article number:DDSK1903E
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