Price example: Steel compact archive with 7 shelf levels

As much as 302 shelf meters on a 20 m2 AREA

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Compact archive price example consisting of 2 fixed shelves and 6 removable shelves with 6 shelf levels.

About the compact archive unit

The example consists of 2 fixed shelves, 6 moveable shelves, and 6 shelf levels.
The movable shelves have a white front panel in steel and are equipped with crank drive that easily moves 6 tons. Shelves are galvanized with beams and shelves that can withstand 150 kg of spread load. The compact archive has a chipboard floor between the rails and a threshold at the entrance to the compact archive.

Article number:KAS-A302HM
111.000kr / pcs
148.000 kr / pcs
Stock status:User defined status 4
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