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Security rated cabinets with heights above 1.6 meters

  • S1900_1250
    41.900 kr
    47.305 kr
    Storlek, Över 1,6 m
    Ett lite högre och rymligare säkerhetsskåp. Det här skåpet är perfekt för dig som inte har så stora ytor att få in ett säkerhetsskåp på, men ändå behöver säker förvaring av tex. tobaksvaror, bokföring, bärbara datorer eller dagskassa.
    OBS! Bilden visar förslag på inredning. Skåpet levereras med 4 st flyttbara hyllor som standard.
  • RSK1600-tsk_cl_web

    Security cabinet rated as SSF3492 with sliding doors

    The cabinet is perfect for those who want to lock in snus, tobacco, medicines and the like.
    34.640 kr
    38.990 kr

    Ideal security cabinet for companies with minimal space, or e.g. in stores and pharmacies that want to maximise sales space while still being able to store their goods in a burglary rated cabinet. Since the cabinet doors slides into the side of the cabinet, there is no problem with doors that are in the way. The cabinet is tested and approved as a security cabinet in accordance with SSF3492/SS3492.
  • s100_c

    Two-door security cabinet with extra hight

    Extra spacious with SSF3492 burglary rating
    19.520 kr
    22.040 kr
    Size, Over 1,6 m
    The S100 is a very spacious double-door safety cabinet that has been tested and certified as a Swedish SSF3492 security cabinet....
  • RSK1900_2_open
    22.540 kr
    26.280 kr
    s4DoG8jnjTQSize, 1-1.6 m
    Very spacious SSF3492 rated burglary protection cabinet. Perfect for storage of everything from smaller daily takings, laptops, keys, expensive tools, technical equipment or e.g. cigarette cartons in a kiosk or gas station.
    Tested and approved, by Swedish SP, as a security cabinet in accordance with SSF3492/SS3492!
  • saf1900WE_o_parmar

    SSF3492 rated security cabinet with extra hight and width

    Perfect to fit with customised accessories that suits your needs!
    15.020 kr
    17.430 kr
    Size, Over 1,6 m
    SAF1900W is one of the biggest security cabinets in our SSF3492 rated SAF series. Thanks to its extra hight and width there is plenty of space for customised fittings that suit your purposes perfectly!
    Thanks to its very good burglary protection and rating it is well suited for storage of all kinds of theft-worthy items, tools, technical equipment, documents, parts of daily takings, tobacco and so on.