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Medium Sized security rated cabinets in heights between 1-1.6 m

  • SSK1900E_open_tools
    18.540 kr
    22.150 kr
    Size, Over 1,6 m
    SAF1900 is one of the biggest cabinets in our SAF series. It is, as its smaller siblings also rated as a SSF3492 security cabinet by Swedish SF.
    Its combination of size and burglary rating makes it the perfect option for all who are looking for a good safe to fit according to their specific needs!
  • SSK160-open

    Spacious and malleable SSF3492 rated security cabinet

    Practical size with room for lots of special fitting!
    14.880 kr
    17.650 kr
    Size, 1-1.6 m262PBlwtA3I
    SAF1600 offers very good burglary protection as well as good adaptability.
    SAF1600 is a SSF3492 rated security cabinet with extra hight. This makes it even more malleable then e.g. SAF1500 or SAF1000 since there is more space to fill with personalised fitting.
  • RSK1500

    Security cabinet rated as SSF3492 Tested and approved by Swedish SP

    Ideal for both small & large companies. H × W × D: 1500 × 575 × 400mm
    12.240 kr
    13.540 kr
    Size, 1-1.6 m

    A strong security cabinet that is burglary rated according to SS 3492 / SSF 3492.
    A perfect option for e.g. tobacco storage in kiosks, grocery stores, or small & big business owners that are looking for improved burglary protected storage of valuable items.
  • RSK1600-tsk_cl_web

    Security cabinet rated as SSF3492 with sliding doors

    The cabinet is perfect for those who want to lock in snus, tobacco, medicines and the like.
    34.640 kr
    38.990 kr

    Ideal security cabinet for companies with minimal space, or e.g. in stores and pharmacies that want to maximise sales space while still being able to store their goods in a burglary rated cabinet. Since the cabinet doors slides into the side of the cabinet, there is no problem with doors that are in the way. The cabinet is tested and approved as a security cabinet in accordance with SSF3492/SS3492.
  • zugil_S1500

    Medium sized SSF3492 security cabinet

    Ideal for kiosks, tobacco retailers, or other companies with the need for improved burglar resistance!
    11.540 kr
    13.090 kr
    Size, 1-1.6 m
    A safe and spacious cabinet!
    S1500 is very advantageously priced, and thus a perfect choice for stores, gas stations, kiosks and the like who are looking for safer storage of
    e.g. cigarett butts, cash, keys, laptops or any other theft-worthy or sensitive items.
  • AX1500L Låsbart fack + låsfack 6 st
    20.660 kr
    24.020 kr
    Size, 1-1.6 m
    A priceworthy option for both homes and offices that can hold both larger and smaller size valuables. Perfect for everything from important binders, cash, or cigarettes in stores, to e.g. media devices, laptops, tablets, at home or in schools and the like, to more private stuff like jewellery, photos, passports and the like. ...