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Gas cylinder cabinets for gas suppliers and users

Welcome to our section for gas cylinder cabinets

Arkivexperten offers a varied range of ventilated cabinets for secure storage of gas canisters and gas cylinders of various types e.g. PK5, M16, P19, P45 and more, indoor or outdoor, which is both necessary and important for suppliers such as gas stations, warehouses, industry, building companies and the like. Storage and regulations Storage of gasoline tubes and canisters, or other flammables can be differently regulated in different countries and branches, and for different spaces and rooms. It is therefore wise to check with your regulators (e.g. MSB; Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency in Sweden), your local fire department. You're of course always also welcome to contact us as directly with any questions so we can work together to find appropriate, and/or approved solution for your storage needs! If you are to store gas cylinders, canisters and tubs in Sweden we recommend you to have a look at our range of SÄIF1998:7 approved gas storage cabinets and solutions below. You can also read more (if you read some Swedish) about Gas storage in the link to the right! Gasskåp