Safes for iPad and Tablets

Welcome to our range of tablet, and iPad storage cabinets and safes

  • Cube10_o

    Transport box for 10 tablets with charging connection

    Very light weight, USB charging, smart cable handling
    8.040 kr
    9.995 kr

    IBXCUBE10 can hold up to 10 tablets, such as iPads for transport and charging. A perfect option for transport and charging of tablets in between e.g. classes in educational activity....
  • laddskap_1412_o

    Storage & Charging cabinet for 12 tablets

    Lockable Stationary storage / Charging station
    3.940 kr
    4.450 kr
    LS12TAB can hold up to 12 tablets such as iPads for charging and storage. A perfect option for e.g. schools, or other educational companies!...
  • laddskap_1416

    Storage & Charging cabinet for 16 tablets

    Lockable Stationary storage / Charging station
    4.440 kr
    4.860 kr
    As with the smaller LS12TAB, the LS16TAB for 16 tablets/iPads is too a perfect option for storage and charging of tablets such as iPads in schools, pre schools, or other educational companies. ...