Medium sized very priceworthy safe with fire protection for paper (60 min)

Spacious, Nice and Priceworthy protection for documents and valuables!

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Number of binders, 1-6 binders
Fire protection, 60 min for paper
Lock system, Key lock
Bolt-down ready, Yes

M500_Key is one of our best and most priceworthy safes, thanks to a combination of good anti-theft abilities, 60 minutes fire protection for paper, and a perfect size and price.
It is particularly suitable for storage of important documents, valuables and data media that you want to protect against fire, and smash-and-grab thieves.
Its small but sufficient dimensions lets you store both small and larger valuables.
Thanks to the key lock on this model you get it at an even lower price than its very popular sibling M500 that comes with an electronic code lock!
Article number:M500K
2.240kr /
3.590 kr /
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