High security EN1143-1 rated value safe of grade IV

Approve (in Sweden) for storage of up to 350 000 SEK

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Fire protection, 60 min for paper
Lock system, Key lock
Lock system, Electronic code lock
Grade, IV

VSP110-IV is a high security safe that is tested and approved as an EN1143-1 rated value safe of grade IV.
In practical terms this means you get a very very powerful burglar protection when buying this safe, while formally it also means (at least in Sweden) that most insurance companies do approve of insured storage of values reaching up to 350,000 SEK in this safe.
A very good choice for anyone looking for a better and approved storage solution for high value items, larger daily takings and so on.
Article number:VSP110-IV
108.640kr / pcs
122.685 kr / pcs
Stock status:In stock
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