Spacious and malleable SSF3492 rated security cabinet

Practical size with room for lots of special fitting!

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Size, 1-1.6 m

SAF1600 offers very good burglary protection as well as good adaptability.
SAF1600 is a SSF3492 rated security cabinet with extra hight. This makes it even more malleable then e.g. SAF1500 or SAF1000 since there is more space to fill with personalised fitting.

Why buy a SSF3492 rated cabinet?

Although regular basic anti-theft safes are great to delay break ins until e.g. security or police arrive or until thieves leave due to stress, burglary rated cabinets offers a whole other level of burglary protection.
Burglary rated safes such as SSF3492 is tested to withstand various aggressive and sometimes fairly advances attempts at breaching the cabinet. For SSF3492 rated cabinets these tests are performed by the Swedish anti-theft (förening) association with a lot of experience and credibility in the field of anti-burglar systems.
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