Small SSF3492 rated security cabinet with 1 shelf

H × W × D: 550 × 500 × 380mm, Perfect for offices, kiosks or at home!

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Size, Up to 1 m

Small but strong security cabinet that is burglary rated according to SSF3492 (SS3492). Approved for storage of up to 40.000 SEK by Swedish insurance companies!
Perfect for storage of smaller daily takings, laptops, cash boxes, tobacco and the like!

High security burglar protection & insured storage

RSK550/500 is a smaller security cabinet rated as a SSF3492 by Swedish SP. In Sweden this means that most local insurance companies approve of insured storage of up to 40.000 SEK if anchored.
This is therefore a perfect safe for both homes, offices and stores in terms of size and anti-theft abilities.
Article number:RSK550/500
9.440kr / pcs
11.140 kr / pcs
Stock status:In stock
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