Mill Jewelry by Boca Do Lobo - Exclusive luxury safe w/ mech code lock

Extraordinary safe for art-work lovers looking for a luxury safe!

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Locking system, Mechanical code lock

Boca Do Lobo Luxury safes is a series of completely handmade cabinets / safes in various astonishing designs.
Millionaire Jewelry, is a small sized version of the larger Millionaire Gold safe, which holds a design that whispers about the long gone history of the Californian Gold rush during the nineteenth century.
Ornamented with a breathtaking golden high gloss design, various silver details and the Wild-West style looking crank, coupled with the silver-plated classic mechanical code lock, there is no mistaking about the purpose of this beautiful piece of art & safe. To impress, and remind us of the long gone history of gold in the western society!
Article number:MILL-JEWELRY-SLV
78.780kr / pcs
84.990 kr / pcs
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