Transport box for 10 tablets with charging connection

Very light weight, USB charging, smart cable handling

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IBXCUBE10 can hold up to 10 tablets, such as iPads for transport and charging. A perfect option for transport and charging of tablets in between e.g. classes in educational activity.

IBX Series

The IBX series is our latest addition in the field of tablet and iPad storage, and brings with a well thought out solutions for better work efficiency.

Smart design

IBXCUBE10 has a unique and well-thought-out design for simplest possible power connections and charging. A hidden USB hub / contact strip, frees you form the otherwise common messy heaps of cables and adapters. In addition, all USB cables are attached to the hidden USB hub, which can only be accessed using tools, which subsequently prevent the otherwise common issues of disappearing USB cables.
Article number:IBXCUBE10-DEMO
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