Priceworthy Data media insert (60 DIS) for document safes

Extra spacious data media insert for enhanced fire protection in fireproof safes

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Fire protection, 60 min for hard drives, USB, and DVDs
Fire protection, 60 min for magnetic tape and negative

A data media insert placed in a fire-rated cabinet (e.g. document cabinet) so that you can protect very heat sensitive material from fire as well, such as external harddrives (HDDs), but aslo photo negatives, or magnetic tape (e.g. old backup tapes, video or audi tapes and such).

This data media insert box is tested and approved according to NT Fire 017, 60 DIS.
The door socket allows the insert to be placed both in a standing and laid down position.
Article number:DMI30
5.780kr / pcs
6.710 kr / pcs
Stock status:In stock
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